Can’t believe that I’m gonna miss Seaver week :(

I’m not sitting next to any of my friends in this flight :(

In the good case those are just people that I don’t know. In the bad case I’ll be sitting next to people I hate

If you’ve all got texts, please ignore them.




As much as I love Matthew Gray Gubler, I gotta admit that during season 6 of Criminal Minds he looks like an 18 year old boy band member. In order to show you that I edited this picture. I don’t regret anything.


BTW if you didn’t know back then he was 30-31 year old. how the hell he looks so young. gublernation

I guess that’s why many prefer him with longer hair bc it makes him looking more mature. With short hair he looks not older than 20, although VERY cute.

actually my favorite hair style of him is the one he had on season 7. it was really short at the beginning and in the end it got longer kinda like what he had on season 8 so I guess it makes it the best of both worlds haha

Hey followers please read this

I’m gonna be at Poland for a week. I’m not gonna have internet but I’m gonna post a lot of edits as queue so my tumblr is still gonna stay active. If you want me to find your cm posts please use the tag “cmedit” and I’ll probably reblog it when I’m back.

right now it’s 22:06 in my country and I’m gonna sleep cuz’ I need to wake up at 3 am. I don’t know If I am gonna have a chance to write this post later so I’m posting this now. I’m gonna miss you all ♥.

I don’t know how I’m gonna survive a week without internet well good luck for me.